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Akim Oda Traders, Drivers Calls For Proper Waste Management System In Oda Market.

Traders in Akim Oda main lorry station in the Birim Central municipal are calling for the removal of a waste container situated in the middle of the station by the local government authorities which has encouraged people to litter trash around the area.

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According to them, the container was brought by the authorities to stop people from dumping waste anyhow in the station yet people still throw refuse on the floor once the container gets full.

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This causes a stinking smell in the atmosphere attracting mosquitoes and house flies into the area which infects the traders with diseases. Due to this, the traders are calling on the assembly to relocate the container and set up a task force to stop people from littering around in the station.

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The Oda main lorry station is the business centre of the Birim Central district so the traders expect the area to be tidy in order to  accommodate tourists and improve it’s status of being a serene environment.

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They added that, the container can sometimes be full for days and weeks but the responsible management won’t dispose it on time that is a major cause of refuse dump around the container.

Oda’s glory brought down by waste: click on the link below:

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