Andy Owusu To NPP TESCON In Scotland: Use The Knowledge You Will Acquire To Open Space For Ghana’s Development

The NPP Aspiring UK Chairman hopeful, Mr. Andy Owusu has advised the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) TESCON in Scotland to ensure the development of the country through the application of knowledge gained in Tertiary education overseas.

In attendance of a meeting with the NPP TESCON executives and other members of the party at Aberdeen in Scotland, the aspiring chairman for the NPP in the United Kingdom expressed that, he is not dreaming of Chairmanship in the NPP to enrich his personal gains but rather ensure that monies spent on scholarship to support Ghanaian students in abroad yield positive results back for the country because those monies used for scholarships could have been used in the construction of roads and other social amenities for the development of Ghana.

He stressed that the tertiary students overseas and within Ghana must develop a good taste for entrepreneurship to seek employment opportunities from the government after education which he said does not generate enough income for a decent life.

He advised the students overseas not to dream of staying abroad after successful graduation because staying in abroad may ruin the most opportunities one may get in Ghana to establish their own businesses because creating businesses in Africa or Ghana is the best way to go due to the high rate of taxes being paid overseas hence staying in Ghana will be the best option for a successful life career. He, therefore, urged all party executives to vote him into power as chairman of the NPP In the United Kingdom for the progress of the party and Ghana at large

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Oheneba Boakye

Director of Operations/Media & Communications

Friends of Andy.

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