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Assembly Members cry Over Unfair Treatment, Call for Better standard Of living

Members of the Ghana Association of Assembly Members (GAAM), Ashanti Chapter, have made a humble appeal to the ruling government to reconsider and revisit the 1992 constitution of Ghana on how assembly members should be fairly treated.

Speaking at a press briefing, Hon. Bour Manu, President of the association said the suffering of assembly members witnessed under successive governments is very worrying.

He mentioned the workloads injected on assembly members coupled with funeral attendance, weddings, carrying of dead cops, settling of chaotic disputes, explaining government policies etc without getting any welfare attention from the various governments has given them severe headaches and sometimes regrets.

The assembly members who are expressing worried over the governments’ failure to provide satisfactory incentives package to support their welfare call for an immediate attention.

According to the worried assembly members, the only GH¢1,500 received as their end of service benefit is nothing to write home about, and it’s high time they came out to pronounce their dissatisfaction.

The assembly members who are much worried about how their meagre emoluments are tied to limited internally generated fund are therefore demanding change for better condition of service for Assembly Members.

Again, GAAM proposes for the establishment of electoral area common fund for assembly members charge on the district assembly common fund.

They call for laws to be enacted to enable assembly members carry out developmental projects to under strict auditing and supervision by technocrats.

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