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Central Region : Woman In Trouble For Sucking 5-Month-Old Boy’s Penis [video]

A 28-year-old woman has been arrested for sucking the penis of a five-month-old baby  at Ekumfi Narkwa in the Ekumfi District of the Central Region.

It is unclear what the woman’s motivation was for engaging in such reprehensible conduct which has been roundly condemned by residents.

The woman, Esi Aya, who is said to be married and a mother of three, was captured in a video sucking the penis of the baby for about two minutes while he lay innocently on a mat.

What was shocking was that some other women who witnessed the act looked on while the action was ongoing, and were heard laughing and running commentary, and also took a video of it.

In the video, it could hear that the Suspect and some of the residents present during the act were describing how the penis of the baby erected when sucking it.

The woman who was serious sucking  the penis of the baby was suspected to be witch and could harm the little boy in its future.

The suspect is married to a prominent man in the Ekumfi Narkwa Community with three Children.

The mother of the baby was reported to have said that she was in her room when she was called to come and see what was being done to her son.

The attention of other community members was drawn to the issue and after they saw the video recording they dragged her to the chief’s palace for her to explain her conduct.

According to residents in the area, they are shocked to see the woman in the act.

They are appealing to the authorities in the area to do a massive investigation to the matter.

Some of the residents condemned the act saying they’ve never seen such thing before in their lives.

They want authorities to deal with the woman.

The case has also been reported to the police for investigation.

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