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Chief Justice Cannot Act On Pedestrian Allegation To Step Aside – Edmund Kyei Jabs Asiedu Nketia And Cohorts

There has been recent corruption allegation by a certain lawyer Kwasi Afrifa against Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah, which the Chief Justice feels that his image is being dented by his accuser so he has referred the matter to the criminal investigation department for thorough investigation in order to clear his name from such allegation. Lawyer Kwasi Afrifa claims CJ has demanded US$, 5000, 000 from his client to help him win his case in court and he also accused CJ that, he advised his client to drop him and go for Lawyer Akoto Ampaw Esq in his stead.

Looking at all these allegations made by Lawyer Kwasi Afrifa, the NDC has gone all out to support his mere claims and they are forcing the Chief Justice to step down from his position using court of public opinion. If you watch carefully, the NDC are trying all means to dent the image of impeccable Chief Justice in order to have their political way but that will not happen under the sun.

I want to ask the NDC, is there any law that seeks the Chief Justice to step aside for thorough investigation? If there is such law, then they should pursue the case to court and stop their lies and propaganda for the nation to move forward. It has been the attitude of the NDC, any appointment by the government they want to find fault with it but such attitude by the opposition always draws us back as developing nation.

.. Signed…

Edmund Kyei

Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice Chairman

National Communication member NPP

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