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Dennis Aboagye : NDC Lying About The Economy And Expect Ghanaians To Consume Them

A Former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Akuapem North, Dennis Miracles Aboagye,  has accused the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of speaking untruths about the current Akufo-Addo administration for political gains.

According to him, a claim that allocations made to the Office of the government machinery are meant for the President to travel on a private jet is untrue and should be ignored.

Contributing to a discussion regarding the E-levy proposal on the New Day show on TV3 Friday, February 11, he said “The NDC go round lying, telling plain lies and untruths and they expect Ghanaians will take it to hook, line, and sinker

“Number one, when they talk about the office of the government machinery, the office of the government machinery is made up of the following; Public Enterprises Commission, the Scholarship Secretariat, MASLOC, NABCO, NIA, Zongo Dev’t Fund, the Infrastructure of Poverty Eradication programme what we called the One million dollar ONE constituency, the Home Rental Scheme and the Council of State.

“…So if you are saying that there is a certain amount allocated to government machinery and then quickly you run and mention president traveling on a private jet you are deceiving Ghanaians just as you did in 2008 because you are saying that we should remove scholarship secretariat which you completely collapsed under your tenure.”

Asked whether the constituencies get the one million dollars, he answered “Yes, if you go to the middle belt , yes, Southern belt is there the Coastal Development areas, In my constituency, it is there, in every constituency, there are even more than one million dollars.”

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