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Drivers Union To Passengers: We Are Not Ready To Reduce Lorry Fares Now

The convener of the Association of Passengers in Ghana (APG), Madam Afia Kwarteng Asamani is demanding an immediate reduction in transport fares to reflect prices at the pumps.
According to her, when there are fuel price hikes, the various transport unions increase and impose higher charges on passengers yet when there is a decline in the same fuel price they are unwilling to reduce their prices.

She noted that, it has been noticed that there is a drastic decline in fuel prices on both petrol and diesel in the last week or two yet the transport unions including the Ghana Private Road and Transport Union (GPRTU), the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC) among others have not done anything on their fares.

She urged that, the government should set out a policy to immediately effect new fare prices for passengers whenever there is an increase or a decline in fuel prices because passengers have been cheated for long which should not be allowed to happen.

Meanwhile the Public Relations Officer of the True Drivers Union, Yaw Barima has responded to the demand for fare decreases by saying that the transport unions are not ready to reduce fare prices.

He stressed that, fuel is not the only factor for fare increase but high prices of spare parts among others so they are undecided and will communicate to Ghanaians when they decide to reduce the lorry fare.

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