E/R : Yilo Krobo MP attack Adolf Nomo-Development Activist On Education Comment

Education is mostly described as a key to success that is the reason why why the president of the Land Nana Akuffo Addo introduced free SHS policy for every youngster should be able to receive Education.

However,  The Member of Parliament for Yilo Krobo Municipality of eastern Mr Albert Nyarkotey has  listed his plans on Education for Yilo Krobo during a program held 30th April 2021 by Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT in somanya where he was invited as a Guest at the event

The Member of Parliament for Yilo Krobo Constituency, Hon Albert Nyakotey in delivering a speech at the 6th Quadrinnial and 53rd delegates conference of GNAT, said that education is one of his topmost priorities.

In his quest to make education one of the pillars of his consistency, he has vowed to continue with some attainable initiatives started by his predecessor, whereas adding what he is also capable of doing to make education more attractive in the Yilo Krobo Municipality.

He said that, the free vacation classes initiative for all JHS final year pupils that has already been started by his Predecessor is what he will first tackle as well as granting scholarship to the best female WASSE students in his constituency.

He further added that, for some of the Senior High Schools in the constituency to continuously emerge winners of the National Maths and Science Quiz, he’s going to start organising inter-schools Maths and Science Quizzes at the JHS level to get most students prepared before they enter into their various Senior High Schools.

Seeing the deplorable state of most of the Schools in the constituency, he added that, to the best of his ability as the MP for the constituency, he will provide suitable infrastructure for the deprived schools in the municipality.

“Under my one school one set of Jersey project, every public basic school shall receive a set of football Jersey to promote sporting activities at the basic school level before the end of my tenure of office” he added.

Honourable Albert Nyakotey stated that, he will continue to support brilliant but needy students at the tertiary level as well as instituting a fund to support teachers who desire to further their studies to acquire additional Professional knowledge in their subject areas.

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This got a development Activist  known as Adolf Nomo furious about his plan for Education in yilo Krobo Municipality.

According to Ghanaian Ex British soldier and Educationist  the M.P should come out with a strategic plan which will move the Education in Yilo Krobo foward.

He revealed that the  MP’s plan for Education wont help them and it will still be like what their former MP lawyer Amoatey started  which didn’t yield  results.

He lamented that M.P for bosomtwe Who double as Eduction minister has awarded scholarships to 100 students to study engineering  and that’s a Plan.

So what’s stopping the M.P for coming out with his plan that under his  first 4 years such as   i will like  to get 20 doctors from yilo Krobo, 40 Engineers, 50 nurses etc.

Setting up an award scheme for teachers to boost their morale to work harder as AsanteHene have been doing for teachers over a decade now.

Yilo Krobo MP(left) & Adolf Nomo (right)

Setting up Educational trust fund and scholarship for students. He said some of them will surely donate a reasonable amount every month to help Education in the Municipality.

Adolf Nomo said Mr Albert Nyarko’s plan is a lazy type  and he needs to come back with a better plan because his colleagues like okudzeto Ablakwa are doing marvelous works by helping students  in their contuency to study in higher education levels and Apprenticeship.

This got MP angry where he attacked him with a whole lot of insults on Facebook

Adolf Nomo reiterated that if what he said doesn’t make sense then the M.P should come out with a visionary plan because he has gotten to a stage in life where insult and threats doesn’t scare him anymore.

The normal extra classes that they do only happens in Somanya and it onlyBenefits  few students there. All the teachers in the Municipality do not get involved. Students in the villages within the Municipality do not benefit.

They only do it to win votes.

He does not even consult the teachers associations there before doing that.

They normally lie about giving a number of people Schorlaships just to win votes. No evidence at all.

This time he should create a fund make the fund public. Tell us how much he puts in the fund monthly. Ask us the citizens to also pay into the fund to support. I will pay money into it he said.

Adding that he said this will help to achieve his vision. For example a vision of getting a number of engineers, doctors, nurses etc in his constituency within his first  term. The fund should be used for that vision.

Infrastructure development,  he should   stop throwing dust into our eye that he would provide infrastructure with is money.

All he can do is to use his common fund. All we want him to do is to keep the bombarding the assembly/government for us. He should also go and lobby for help. Make the plea public as well to make Yilo Krobo great.

However,  through a report by a journalist  which Adolf Nomo’s comment made it possible for cowbell to drill borehole 3 boreholes for two communities in Yilo Krobo.

He’s currently drilling a borehole with his partners at Ayermesu in the lower Manya Krobo Municipality

Source:  Adolf Nomo

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