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Exempt ‘Category A’ SHS Students From Free SHS -Samuel Boateng Tells Nana Addo

Mr. Samuel Boateng, A political activist has asked the government to exempt Category A or best-performed Senior High Schools (SHSs) from the Free Senior High School programme.

Speaking to Obuoba Ofori Amanfo on Ahenkan FM’s “Maakye Morning show, Mr. Samuel said the government could use the funds to be spent on the top schools excluded from the policy to develop the community secondary schools in the country

“We have to look at it again. I think that there are certain schools which we should make autonomous and fee-paying and people will go there, but then make sure there are good community schools for everybody else,” he told Obuoba.

According to the political activist, only a few of the majority of poor students usually get admission to ‘Category A’ secondary schools including Achimota, thus the need to make the rich students who attend such schools pay fees.

“Only a small proportion of the poor get the opportunity to the Category A, let the rich go there and pay. Use the funds to have very good schools in every district so that they can be there and don’t have to travel,”

He also added that the government should give the green light to parents who can afford to pay the school fees of their wards to do so to reduce the burden of the country’s economy.

He said the implementation of the popular Free Senior High School (Free SHS) programme some five years ago has come a long way and thus needs to be reviewed by the central government.

According to him, the Free Senior High School programme in its current state is wasteful and does not help the current dire economic situation in the country.

He stated that the government could review the Free SHS policy such that it only targets community day schools and the needy in society.

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