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Former Ghanaian Gay Journalist Narrates His Story On Ahenkan FM

Sikaba Ampem Darko, a 24 years old journalist and now an evangelist speaks to the host of the Mid- Morning show, Kwabena Costy on Ahenkan 93.3 FM about how he got himself into the act of gay.

He begun by talking about the sad news he received during his final year exams at senior high school. He said his mother died during the examination and he doesn’t know where his father is since he last saw him in his child hood, they leave with their mother and grand mum alone and his mothers death means he being the eldest of his siblings had to take the responsibility of taking care of his younger ones.

He then continued saying, I decided to move to Accra after school to find a job to support my siblings. It was then that I met a doctor who took my contact and decided to help me. We spoke several times and after hearing my sad story, he started sending me money which I also send them to my siblings.

“I didn’t have a place to sleep back then, so he offered to let me sleep in his house”, Sikaba added. He was then invited into the house and it was there he found out that the man was married with a son but the wife wasn’t staying with them.

“After dinner that night”, Sikaba added, “he gave me a drink and I didn’t remember anything till the next morning”. He realized someone had sex with him and he was drugged, he spoke to the doctor about it and he admitted that he was the one who had sex with him he said, “in fact, I have never insulted an elder before as at that time but I got angry and insulted the man he said he left the house but the doctor was still contacting him, he was still sending him money.

Since he didn’t have any body to help him, he went back to the house and accepted to let the man sleep with him.

He added that, this went on for 6 months and he didn’t complain about the act because the money he gained from it was what he was u8sing to carter for his family and himself.it was after the sixth month that he realized he was on the wrong path and he run away. He added that, he made some friends who were also gay and some even does it like prostitution, he said the reason why some of these friends were into that act was because they needed the money to support themselves and their family. He said, “as am speaking now, all my 12 gay friends are dead, the man (the doctor) and his son is also made”.

“From a recent video, there has been matters concerning your HIV status” Kwabena Costy asked, Sikaba confirmed that he HIV positive and he got it from the doctor, also he added that, he was a virgin before he went into that act with the man which means that, he is still a virgin. he is now a changed man and is now into evangelism. He has some one who understand him and was the reason he is an evangelist now. He hopes to marry the lady very soon. He added that, he is on medication and now his virus state is at 0.01% which means she can marry. The lady is HIV negative and she understands me, he said.

He said he is being rejected by some of his friends and family including some of the people he made that sacrifice for. In as much as he is hurt by their actions, he still speaks to them and the rejection is mainly because he is going about on radio and other places telling people about his story and how he is HIV positive.

On his last words, he advice the listeners on LGBTQ+ issues, he quotes from the bible and advice it is against the will of God. He also said he is working on establishing a foundation to help those who have been through the same situation and trauma as he did especially the youth in senior high school. He then advised parent not to leave their children to fend for themselves and also, they should build the trust between them and their children for them to be open with the parent, so that when the child is in such a situation communication won’t be difficult, he added that he hopes to have good councilors on his team to help such people.

He therefore appeal to the Members of Parliament not to legalize Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI+) activities in Ghana, as doing so would mean passing a death sentence on persons involved in the act.

On his final words, he said, “I wish I was the Sikaba back in SHS, I wouldn’t be here today, I wouldn’t have been through that situation”.

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