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Founder of Ghana Society for Education Technology (GSET), Miracule Gavor, Awarded $10,000 Scholarship To Launch A Professional Development Program In Ghana

Mr Miracule Gavor, the founder of Ghana Society for Education Technology (GSET), Miracule Gavor, Awarded $10,000 Scholarship To Launch A Professional Development Program In Ghana , has won a scholarship by the Teaching Training Together organization which will enable GSET to hold a three year training program. The scholarship would enable GSET to hold a three year training program in Ghana that will enhance instructional competency among elementary teachers by producing more effective in-service teachers. The scholarship is valued at $10,000 and it covers the cost of training resources and its shipment to Ghana. GSET will cover the in- country cost to host the workshops in conformity with TTT norms aimed at training 30 teachers per year. In addition, GSET will provide a seminar technician, venue, audio-visual equipment as well as meals for participating teachers.

GSET is a leading professional membership association that works with the Ghanaian education community to accelerate the use of technology to solve tough problems and inspire innovation in
education. Since its initial launch on July 22, 2019, by the then Minister of Education, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Ghana Society has engaged and continues to break new borders in global educational technology and STEM areas.

Teaching Training Together(TTT) is an organization of educators that wants to reach out to as many people globally who do not have adequate access to school leadership and teacher training.
TTT has the potential to affect more schools and communities, resulting in more students studying in classrooms with effectively trained teachers. TTT has been on the lookout for new partners across the world who can help create a three-year professional development program.This scholarship program was launched to find people who were enthusiastic and component enough to start TTT in their communities.

Mr Gavor is a Design-Based Researcher at UCL Knowledge Lab, London whose research focus is in the field of Mathematics Education Technology. He founded the Ghana Society for Education Technology to advance the use of technology in education delivery in Ghana. He has over seventeen (17) years of education industry experience as teacher, headteacher, curriculum developer, instructional materials designer, teacher trainer and a researcher. He has received his education at various prestigious institutions, including the University of Cape Coast, Yale University, Villanova University, and Roehampton University, and is currently pursuing a PhD at the world’s number 1 education university-UCL Institute of Education, London.

Miracule served as National Math Pilot Coordinator at USAID Partnership for Education:
Learning, where he led the pilot revision of the mathematics curriculum for lower primary (KG1-P3); developed corresponding teaching and learning materials for teacher training(including school-based support structures; rigorously piloted the new materials and training strategies; documented impact, refined the materials and training strategies; oversaw the national scale-up, and facilitated instructional coaching courses in Mathematics Education Technology for School-Based In-Service training).

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