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Ghana Places Travel Ban On Israel, South Korea, And Malta Over Covid-19

The government of Ghana has placed a travel ban on Israel, South Korea, and Malta commencing Monday, December 20.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, the travel ban on Israel and South Korea will last 14 days.

However, the ban on Malta is indefinite.

This is in line with the government’s drive to control the importation of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 into the country.

In the press release on the ban on Israel, the government stated that all travel to and fro Israel is restricted “except in exceptional humanitarian cases or during official visits.”

It added that “Permission would have to be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration in exceptional cases.”

On South Korea, the statement stressed on “a temporary travel restriction on all travelers arriving from South Korea, from Monday, 20th December 2021 for a period of 14 days.”

Meanwhile on Malta, aside from the indefinite travel ban, the Ministry announced that “the Government of Ghana does not recognize any vaccine certificate from Malta.”

The Ministry called on Ghanaians to take note of the directive and adhere to it accordingly.

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