Having a million views on YouTube does not guarantee you’re making money – ZionFelix

Ghanaian blogger, Zion Felix, has debunked the usual saying that YouTubers who have an average of thousand views on their content are being paid by the app owners for it.

Interviewed on the Late Nite Celebrity Show which airs on eTV Ghana, he told host, Foster Romanus about how the period of lockdown negatively affected his work and how revenue generation was very low.

This motivated Foster to ask him if he was not making any money from his YouTube content since he had earlier mentioned that content generation for his sites was not the problem but getting people to advertise with him.

He replied, “What people don’t get is that YouTube is not just about the views. You can put your content out there, get one million views and you can still make zero dollars out of it. It is the adverts that they embed in your video that generate the income so if the video is there and there is no advert displayed on it, you get nothing.

There’s even something called unlimited ads on YouTube and that is just English but virtually, they’re putting no adverts on it. You’ll see that your dollar sign has turned yellow and they’ll tell you unlimited ads and that it’s 50/50 but technically, they put nothing on it so people watch the content for free”.

Zion Felix noted, however, that about whether or not YouTube is a great source of income, it depends on the individual but personally, he will not lie that YouTube does not pay.

Source: e.TV Ghana

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