How can people fix themselves when there is no water or electricity – Kwaw Kese fumes

Over the past few days, Ghana’s population seem to have been divided into two groups; proponents of the #FixTheCountry campaign which is calling on the government to provide good governance and #FixYourself campaigners who in response are asking citizens to rather work on their attitude and be better citizens.

Wading into the debate, rapper Kwaw Kese who has fallen on the latter part of the spectrum in the debate has questioned how pro-government persons could be calling on citizens to fix themselves when they lack some basic necessities such as electricity and water.

“If like-minded people are calling for #FixTheCountryNow, you also come out shouting #FixYourself, have you fixed yourself? My house has been without water supply for three months but I receive a bill every month. How can you fix yourself when you don’t have water to bathe? The water we will drink and bath has been given to Chinese to dig up gold, the water is spoilt and now when people are asking for the country to be fixed you are also out here shouting fix yourself. Can you fix yourself when you don’t have water to bathe when you don’t have light to study?” he questioned in a video shared on his Facebook page.

Watch the video below:

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