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Kissi Agyebeng: Courts Do Not Look At The Truth But Evidence, Only God Knows The Truth.

Special Prosecutor Mr Kissi Agyebeng has indicated that when it comes to law, it is not the truth lawyers and the court are looking for because no one knows the truth apart from God.

He stated the courts normally look for evidence to back claims made in case.

This is contrary to long-held views that the courts determine the truth or otherwise of a claim.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Kokrorkoo programme on Thursday September 30, he said, “When it comes to law, it’s not the truth we’re looking for. Only God knows the truth; the truth is between you and your God.

“If you do something, it is between you and your God; the lawyer wasn’t there. What you tell the lawyer and the documents before the lawyer is the truth the lawyer deals with. So, if you’re lying, the lawyer wouldn’t know you’re lying.

“The documents you present before him is what guides him. So, when he or she goes to court and you stand in the dock, what you told him is what he tells the court. If you, the lawyer don’t know the truth, how do you expect the Judge to know the truth. The Judge looks at the evidence.

”It can be that you are telling the truth but don’t have any evidence to substantiate your statements. The laywer won’t know; the Judge won’t know, so your truth will sound to them like deception.

“That’s why I’m saying when it comes to law, it’s not the truth we’re looking for because no one knows the truth. It’s the evidence we are looking at…So, if you don’t get the evidence to court, no matter how sweet your case is, you will be found guilty”, he said.

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