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Lack Of Sanitary Pad; A Major Contributing Factor To School Drop Out among girls – The Sewing Teacher Hits 

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Val Charity Foundation, Janet Asibi, popularly known as “The Sewing Teacher” has appealed to government to reduce the tax on the importation of sanitary pads to make it affordable.

She stated that “lack of sanitary pads has been identify as a major contributing factor to school absenteeism among girls during their menstrual periods.”

She further added that most parents in rural communities in the country are unable to bear the cost of sanitary pads in assisting their girls to undergo safe menstrual periods, which result in most of them engaging in negative lifestyles with the ultimate aim of getting what they want.

Access to sanitary pads according to her is still a big challenge in Ghana due to the current high tax on it hence the need for government to immediately intervene in reducing it.

Averagely a packet of sanitary pad goes for GHC16.00 which is a huge amount for some parents and guardians in the rural communities.

Due to this reason, some end up using rags and tissue papers which are not ideal for their reproductive organs.

Based on these challenges, The Sewing Teacher thinks it is high time government takes a critical look at the matter and nib the problem of rising cost of sanitary pads in the bud.

Madam Janet Assibi indicated that the rising cost of Sanitary Pads in the country are beyond the financial capacity of most parents in Ghana more especially those from less privilege families.

She therefore appealed to stakeholders and philanthropists to come to her aid in the upcoming projects of donating Sanitary Pads to some selected basic schools in the country. 

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