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Man Found Dead After Murdering His Wedded Wife

A 45-year-old farmer whose name was giving as Akwasi alias Chocho has committed suicide after killing his 38-year-old wedded wife, Afriyie at Adumasa a farming community, near Bomfa in the Juabeng Municipality of Ashanti Region.

The man, Akwasi, was reportedly lost his temper following a heated argument between him and his wife, Afriyie, leading to him butchering her on their farm, when both went to peel cocoa pod.
According to the eyewitness account, both deceased struggled on the process under the cocoa farm, which the strength of the man overpowered his wife, and had the opportunity to butchered her with cutlass and later transfer the body to hidden place.

It was revealed that, the man Akwasi, couldn’t get back home after killing his wife so he however walk almost 200 meters from the murdering scene to a nearby river to either poison his self or used other chemical which also send him to his early grave.

The grandfather of the male deceased, Akwasi Chocho, explained that, they were shock after hearing such tragedy.
He therefore explained how and when they got information about the demises of his relate and wife.

Listen to the Grandfather’s audio

The assembly member for Adumasa electoral area, Hon. Patrick Yeboah Boateng, also expressed worried about the case, says deceased were having a marital issues, which also results in minor fighting among the husband and wife.

He, the assembly member was recently had a complains from the wife, Afriyie, that his husband has threatening to kill her, but his intervention save the situation for a while until, last Saturday he had an information both of them have gone to farm and yet to return, and later they were pronounced dead through the marriage misunderstanding.

Listen to the assembly member for Adumasa electoral area, Hon. Patrick Yeboah Boateng’s audio

Source: Ahenkanfmonline.com

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