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Methodist Church To GES: We Won’t Allow Muslims To Fast At Wesley Girls SHS

The Methodist Church of Ghana has said it is unable to honour a directive by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to allow Muslim students at the Wesley Girls’ Senior High School to observe the Ramadan fast.

Over the weekend, the GES said all schools in the country should not deny students the right to fast after Wesley Girls’ SHS banned students from fasting.

“The minister advised the Ghana Education Service to put in place measures to address this matter bearing in mind the rights of students and concerns of the schools on the health risk associated with fasting,” the spokesperson of the GES, Cassandra Twum Ampofo, said in the statement.

“The Ghana Education Service therefore directs authorities of Wesley Girls High School as well as any other school to allow any such student who wishes to fast for any religious reason to do so.”

Reacting to the directive, the Methodist Church, which operates Wesley Girls said:  “The school rule in question is a long-standing one that is also non-religious and various renowned Muslim ladies in Ghana have passed through the school adhering to such a rule. The policies of the School over the 186 years of its existence have resulted in Wesley Girls High School being the school of Choice, Excellence and Achievement and the Church remain in full support of these policies.

“The Methodist Church Ghana cannot accede to the unilateral directive issued by the Ghana Education Service and insists that the Ghana Education Service respects the long-standing partnership between the Government and the Mission schools”.

Below is the full statement:

Source: Ahenkanfmonline.com

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