Nominations Open For The 2nd Edition Of National Students Platinum Awards

The management of SMIVIC Events has opened Nomination for the 2nd edition of the National Students Platinum Awards.

According to the organizers, the main motive of this initiative is to celebrate students, individuals, and co-operate entities that have made an impact on Ghanaian education and also to motivate students to increase their practical skills.

Prior to the press released by the organizers, the Nomination forms will be out from 1st July 2022 to 3rd September 2022.

Students, working-class individuals, and co-operate individuals who have contributed to the progress of Ghanaian education are eligible to pick Nomination forms and to select the Categories which they deem fit.

The categories have been grouped into 4 sectors.

They are;

In this Category, student leaders will be honored.
Student President of the Year
Women’s Commissioner of the Year
Secretary of the Year
Treasurer/ Financial Secretary of the Year
PRO of the Year
Student Ambassador of the Year
Basic School Personality of the Year
High School Personality of the Year
National Students Group of the Year
Hall of the Year
Foreign student of the Year


In these Categories, students will be honored based on the course or profession, they are offering.

The categories are

Platinum Student in Health Science
Student Author of the Year
Platinum Student in law
Platinum Student in Banking and Finance
Platinum Student In Agriculture
Platinum Student in Engineering
Student TV Personality of the Year
Student Radio personality of the Year
Discovery Student of the Year
Sports Personality of the Year
Student Entrepreneur of the Year
Vocational Trainee Student of the Year
Teacher Trainee Student of the Year
Student Graphic designer of the Year
Student Fashion designer of the Year
Student photographer of the Year
Rising Star of the Year
Agri-Entrepreneur Students of the Year
Student Blogger/Promoter of the Year


In this Category, co-operate companies will be honored who have supported Ghanaian education will be honoured

The Categories are

Student Bank of the Year
Telecommunication of the Year
Diplomatic Mission of the Year


In this Category, high-profile individuals will be honored.

The Categories are

Lecturer of the Year
Dean of the Year
Vice-Chancellor of the Year
Outstanding Chief in support of Education
Outstanding MP in Support of Education.To pick a Nomination form, kindly fill this Google forms https://my.forms.app/gtpa2021/nspa-registration-form-1  Or  visit smivic.com

You can also contact any of the numbers below
For further enquirers.

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