Oda4tv Rank Ahenkan FM As Best Online Radio Station 2021

Radio is among the alternative ways to access news, entertainment, and promoting values in a media-rich environment. Akim Oda, radio has help listeners to tell their stories, to share experiences in the growth and wellness of the city.

Oda4tv has proposed that the Best online radio station, 2021 at Akim-Oda, E/R. would be Ahenkan Fm. This proposition was base on a research study by oda4tv. This study focusses on the sum of the Top 50 selected Post (picture, video, text) that was posted on Facebook pages and website engagement of the five (5) popular radio stations; Akyemansa Fm, Ofie Fm, Ahenkan fm, Biyac Fm, Bosome fm. A software, web metric tool was used to mine the Facebook comments and Likes from the top 50 posts.

The following are the key findings of Facebook pages for the five radio stations in Akim Oda.

The Ofie Fm Facebook page was created on September 15, 2015, and had Followers of 17,590 and Akyemansa Fm Facebook Page was created March 24, 2019, with Followers of 3,535Biyac Fm Facebook Page was created November 12, 2020, with Followers of 532. Bosome Fm Facebook Page was also created on November 13, 2019, with Followers of 2,981 and lastly, Akenkan fm Facebook Page was created on November 8, 2020, with Followers of 12,036. Check the chart below for more details.

facebook fellowers

The sum of collected Facebook Likes from the Top 50 most-liked news stories posted was analyzed. Ofie Fm had 107, Akyemansa Fm 253, Biyac Fm 58 Bosome Fm 229 and Ahenkan Fm had 309. Check the chart below for more details

facebook LIKES

Finally, the sum of collected comments from the 50 top posts was examined. Ofie Fm had 47Akyemansa Fm 136, Biyac Fm 10Bosome Fm 51 and Ahenkan Fm 465. Check the chart below for more details.

facebook comment

Website Engagement was analyzed, but only Ahenkan Fm and Bosome Fm had a website with 874 and 197 values respectively. Check the chart below for more details.

Based on the above website and Facebook post user engagement, Ahenkan Fm is the most popular online radio station in 2021, Akim-Oda, E/R.

Finally, more insights on the Top 50 most-liked news stories posted can be further explained by the Oda4tv team, in a video coming soonest.

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Source: Oda4tv

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