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Prophet Kofi Oduro To Akufo-Addo: ‘You Will Go Down As The Worst President In The 4th Republic’

Charismatic Ghanaian preacher, Prophet Kofi Oduro is blaming President Akufo-Addo for the economic hardship the country currently faces.

The founder of the Alabaster International Ministries says Nana Akufo-Addo will go down in history as the worst president in the Fourth Republic.

Addressing his congregants during a church service on Sunday, September 3, the outspoken preacher stated that the country has been retrogressing since President Akufo-Addo assumed office on January 7, 2017.

The preacher insists President Akufo-Addo can not avert the economic hardship with the months left for his presidency to end; adding that only God’s intervention can salvage the situation.

“I want to tell my president that your expertise cannot fix this problem. From now until December 7, Your Excellency, you will go down in history as the worst president in the fourth republic. It has been six and half years of pain and agony, six and half years of bleeding and bloodshed. We need help,” he stressed.
Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo

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Since 2022, the country has faced severe economic crisis which the government has blamed the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war for.

Due to this, Ghana’s year-on-year inflation surged to a record high of 54.1% in January 2023 with food inflation rising to 59.7% and transport costs increasing to 71.4%.

The country was forced to enter into a $ 3 billion IMF bailout after the economy reached an unsustainable debt level.

The government embarked on a domestic debt exchange programme as part of its commitment in line with the conditions for the bailout.

However, President Akufo-Addo addressing a valedictory service for Rev. Dr Seth Kissi, outgoing chairperson of Akyem Abuakwa Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in Kyebi in the Eastern region, asked Ghanaians to pray for him and his appointees to continue to discharge their duties with humility and integrity to change the fortunes of the country.
Founder of the Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro

He added that he wants to end his tenure in office with pride that he has fought a good fight for Ghana.

“Pray for Ghana that it remains united in peace and continues to thrive for progress and prosperity. I continue to abide in faith in the Almighty God to help advance the fortunes of our nation accompanied by appropriate policies, determination, and hard work on our part,” Akufo Addo told the congregants at Kyebi.

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