Sir John To The Youth : Our Job Is To Fix Problems; Give Us Time To Fix Them

The Ashanti Regional New Patriotic Party (NPP) Medical Team Member, John Kwame Duodu also known as “Sir John” says the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has shown commitment to improving the living conditions of Ghanaians since coming into power in 2017.

 According to him, although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused increases in prices of commodities such as oil, cement, and iron rods, government’s performance has been outstanding. “We are Six (6) months into our [second] four-year mandate.

The job of the government is to fix problems. This is what we have been doing since 2017. The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the global economy and caused increases in prices of commodities such as oil, cement and iron rods as well as the overall cost of shipping. 

“We acknowledge that the solutions to the country’s problems do not come overnight. It takes time and even in the era of COVID-19 Ghana the government is doing everything possible to develop the country,” he added. “Nevertheless, it is very important to place the performance of our government over the last four years after inheriting an economy with ‘no meat on the bone’ on record.

Ours is a government that listens and cares. The facts and data speak for themselves,” Sir John told MyGhanaMedia.com He made the comments in response to some Ghanaians who have expressed their displeasure over government’s handling of the economy on social media with the #FixTheCountry hashtag. 

He said President Akufo-Addo and his government are wide awake and the problems some of the people are complaining about are being worked on without delay. He said “Talk about dumsor, it’s not the dumsor as we know it in the NDC era that took place for four years, a few problems that we are encountering. We are having proble Sir John sharing his views on the ‘Fix the country now’ issues trending on social media, said that the NPP government would continue to work assiduously for the country to prosper for the benefit of all.

 He urged Ghanaians to continue to offer support for the Akufo-Addo government to deliver for them. “We shall continue to be open to constructive criticisms. NPP government is a listening government and would not depart from doing what is expected of us as a government.

Everybody in the country matter to us and we shall not take them for granted,” he stressed.  The group has cited ‘dumsor’, unemployment and poor healthcare systems as proof of successive governments’ mismanagement of the country.  

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