Stay Away From DCE Appointment: A Group Cautions Hon. Abdulai Abanga, MP For Binduri Constituency

The MP For Binduri Constituency has been accused of lobbying for the Caretaker D.C.E of the Binduri District,  Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu to be re-appointed as the District Chief Executive of the area.

The Concerned  members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Binduri  in the Upper East Region, have warned their member of parliament, Hon. Abdulai Abanga, to stop interfering in the appointment of a DCE for the area.

Read their full statement below:


We the Concerned  Members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Binduri  constituency in the Upper East Region, Congratulations on your appointment as Deputy Minister designate for Works and Housing and a very BIG THANK YOU to His Excellency the President of Republic of Ghana for another warm gesture extended to the good people of Binduri and Upper East Region in general.

Honourable, reliable pieces of information emanating from people close to you indicate that you are surprisingly, disappointingly and clandestinely supporting the sitting D.C.E Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu to maintain his current position in the Binduri District after you have asked every interested persons in the constituency to hold on with their ambition until you come home and have a meeting with them to decide the way forward.

You have since reneged your home coming but it is evidently clear and proven as now understood in the said directive that you had the sitting DCE in mind to support that is why you halted or frustrated the process. This is astonishing because Ayinga immediately after the election made it clear to the rank and file of NPP Binduri constituency that he was not interested in continuing his role in Nana Addo’s government as a DCE and starting lobbying for other positions as seen in the several sponsored publications on social and traditional media (links shown below) to that effect, “Calls for elevation of Binduri DCE intensified as another group petitions Akufo-Addo” – www.a1radioonline.com (20th February, 2021); “UE/R; Elevate our MP, DCE – Binduri NPP beg Nana Addo” www.modernghana.com (27th January, 2021) etc.

Owing to the divisive move you are allegedly embarking on, we as people who wish you good and the party in general in the Binduri constituency want to jog your memory to reconsider your decision by appraising the following worrying concerns:

  1. You have unfortunately and erroneously credited your triumph in the 2020 elections to Ayinga forgetting that it was the sound policies of H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, your own sweat, individual efforts and more significantly the cascading effect of the independent candidate that ultimately gave you a win.
  2. In fact, if not the pain and dispiritedness that Ayinga caused in majority of NPP members, the margin of win between you and the NDC’s candidate would have been wider because we faced a deep seated divided NDC front in the constituency as attested by Joshua Akamba, the NDC National Organizer and carried by Ghana web on the 24th April, 2021:2020 polls: Abanga rescued NPP in Upper due to betrayal within NDC Akamba.
  3. It is an undeniable fact and public knowledge that Ayinga abandoned his appointment as the DCE for Binduri District immediately after the election was declared and ran to Accra for over one month seeking new appointments after stating openly that he was no longer interested in continuing as the DCE. This behaviour was a show of disloyalty and ungratefulness to their Excellences the president and Vice of the Republic of Ghana who appointed him in 2017 and has since not withdrawn it and hence we are humbly calling upon you to rescind your decision to support him and the president to reject any calls for him to be re-appointed as the DCE for Binduri.
  4. You are fully aware that Ayinga has sharply divided the party in the constituency going into the 2020 elections and if not because of the intervention of party elders, patrons and regional executives during the campaign season you would have lost the election miserably. Check the percentage margin of your win and you will know that there is a lot to do going into the next election and putting Ayinga forth as DCE again will spell doom for the fortunes of the party and your good self.
  5. You also know that it is only Ayinga in the region who operated an assembly without a presiding member and even at a point, there were moves by the assembly members to impeach him but for the intervention of opinion leaders. Again, you know that under Ayinga as DCE, two coordinating directors went on transfer citing poor working relationship exhibited by him. So everything about Ayinga is divide and rule. With Ayinga as DCE in Nana Addo’s second term, forget about 2024 because he will further deepen the cracks he has perpetuated in the party in the past four years. Help Ayinga to continue bidding for his ‘promotion’ and ‘elevation’ and stay off the DCE position in Binduri.
  6. We will like you to know that the majority of party faithfuls who were oppressed and sidelined by Ayinga because he perceived them as not being in his good books, swallowed their bitterness during the electioneering campaign and supported you because they felt that it will be wrong to visit the sins of Ayinga upon you. These teaming party faithfuls who supported you wholeheartedly with their time and resources leading to your victory, are getting disappointed that you are in support of him. Note that the pain of rejection, sidelining and blatant denial of Nana Addo’s government opportunities to diehard NPP party members by Ayinga in the past four years in the Binduri constituency has just subsided but not healed, so don’t be seen trying to open them.
  7. It is sad to hear that you said without Ayinga you can’t win 2024 election. Really? Be reminded that Ayinga has been a constituency chairman for eight years, DCE for four years and yet has never won his own polling station for the party and so to be entrusting your future electoral fortunes on this person who has wounded so many party faithfuls in the constituency is an invitation of upheavals in the constituency.
  8. Information we picked has it that you both have a hidden agenda or a parochial interest in the DCE position and not the general good of the party. If not why on earth will you be ceased with these and many worrying facts about Ayinga and yet you are trying to influence the process to favour him using your position as an MP for Binduri constituency and a minister designate instead of staying neutral seeing that there are more competent and unifying individuals who are vying for the position and ably supported you to win and who can be used to heal the wounds caused by Ayinga? It is heartbreaking to note that you are not committed to breaking the chronic one term syndrome noted in Binduri constituency after the NDC’’s Hon. Atubiga Fortunate.
  9. We therefore end by urging you to immediately stop lobbying His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his Vice Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to maintain Ayinga Abagre Yakubu as the DCE of Binduri because he, Ayinga has displayed an  unpardable ungratefulness and disloyalty toward the president for demeaning his current position for other positions even though his tenure of office as DCE had no’t expired and his appointment not revoked by the appointing authority, the president.
  10. We support any of the over twenty (20) contestants but not Ayinga Abagre Yakubu due to the above and many other cogent reasons which did not find expression in this publication. Our eyes are watching the process; our ears widely opened, and our decision will soon come through. We mean well; not harm honourable! Thanks.

Signed by representatives namely:

  1. Akamah Lucas (party communication member): 0249733363
  2. Paida Abraham (former second vice contender): 0547519382
  3. Issaka Gumah Yirimea (electoral area coordinator): 0249440755
  4. Ayaabila John a.k.a Governor (party communication member): 0242621002
  5. Ananga Mathew (electoral area coordinator): 0242139400
  6. Ayaaba Samuel (electoral area coordinator): 0246438210
  7. Ayamba Jacob (polling station chairman): 0543568391
  8. Asana Edward (Polling station secretary and Youth Base chairman, Avoundago): 0549740427
  9. Ayaaba Gilbert (former deputy secretary contender): 0249932107
  10. Abindabs Godwin: (party foot soldier): 0545258511
  11. Asaan Akolbin: (party foot soldier): 0243929384
  12. Abugri Razak a.k.a Zaki (polling station youth organizer): 0246522542
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