‘Stop Agitating; Form A Political Party’ – Nunoo Mensah To #FixTheCountry Members

Former Chief of the Defence Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces, Brigadier-General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah (rtd), has urged members of the pressure group, #FixTheCountry, to form a political party to enable them to tackle the challenges they want dealt with.

To him, nobody will fix the challenges the group has pointed out until they run for elections in the country and tackle the challenges themselves when voted to power.

Neglecting the concerns of the youth is very dangerous to the country,” Nunoo Mensah noted as he bemoaned the lack of political will to meet the demands of the youth group that resonate with the citizens.

“Nobody will fix the country for you,” he added and urged, “It’s about time the youth move from being an agitating group to a youth action party.”

His comment come on the back of a demonstration organised by the group in August to call for the leadership of the country to tackle the challenges confronting the citizens on daily basis.

The group pointed to soaring food prices stemmed from tax hikes on petroleum products which has led to hardship among the middle and lower class.

Among other things, the group wanted the government to punish corrupt officials, fix the health sector, roads and improve sanitation.


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