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Suhum MP Holds Community Engagement

The perception of Members of Parliament neglecting constituents especially the rural folks after elections has been disproved by the member of Parliament for Suhum Constituency, Hon Oboafo Kwadjo Asante when he tours various Communities to update them on happenings in Parliament and by extension Governance in the first quarter of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo’s second term.

According to the Hon MP for Suhum Constituency, one of the major events in Parliament within this first quarter is the President’s state of the nation’s address which majority of the members in Parliament have described as hope for a brighter Ghana. He explained the President’s effort in combating the deadly pandemic which affected the country’s economy last year. He stressed on the President’s willingness in bringing back the economy on track just as he told Ghanaians in one of his covid-19 updates, that “his Government knows how to bring back the economy, but what they don’t know is how to bring back the lives of the people”.

Another major event the Hon MP said has happened in Parliament is the presentation of the year’s national budget which has duly been discussed and approved by Parliament. He was quick to add that on behalf of his Constituency he Hon Oboafo Kwadjo Asante attest to the hope in the budget presented by Government and sees the Suhum Constituency developmental image in the budget and has approved in the interest of his Constituency and the nation at large.

According to Hon Oboafo Kwadjo Asante, the budget confirms the President’s words of the second year of roads which the Constituency is already witnessing some road network development especially in the Constituency’s capital and other roads linking some communities within the Constituency. He admitted that the rains have deteriorated the roads that was reshaped just last year and assured that very soon everyone will witness road network development at their doorstep.

The final major event the Hon MP told his constituents that has happened in Parliament was the vetting and approval of subtantive ministers nominated by Prez Akufo-Addo. According to the MP, the President’s nominees of ministers was justified by the parliamentary appointment committee by approving all nominees presented by the president for consideration by Parliament. He said their deputies are yet to be vetted and approved by the committee to enable them function in support of their substantive ministers for effective Governance.

Hon Oboafo Kwadjo Asante also hinted that the President is yet to appoint the various MMDCE’s who will be aiding the developmental projects on behalf of the President in the various Constituencies which he believes won’t take long.

The Hon MP expressed his gratitude to the community folks for reposing their confidence in his bid and voting massively for himself and his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo. He was glad to announce that he serves on the security and defense committee in Parliament and promised to work with dexterity to bring the name of the Constituency to lime light and would work in the interest of the Constituency and the nation at large.

The constituents for the first time of experiencing such an act of humanity and expectancy expressed their welcoming relationship with the Hon MP and promised to cooperate for the development of the Constituency. They thanked Hon Oboafo Kwadjo Asante for the update which has really relieved them from living in the dark so far as Governance is concerned. As usual they put before the Hon some urgent needs which the Hon MP assured of urgent tackling to make life much better.

The tour of the Hon MP was accompanied by the Constituency NPP Chairman, Hon Fredrick Ofosu, the Constituency women’s organizer, Hannah Asantewaa and some Constituency party supporters.

Source: www.ahenkanfmonline.com

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