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Take Advantage Of The Internet To Transform Your Lives – Deputy Education Minister Urges Public

Deputy Minister for Education, Gifty Twum-Ampofo has called on the Ghanaian populace to take advantage of the internet in improving both their academic and general knowledge.

Speaking at a forum to mark this year’s International Literacy Day held in Techiman under the theme, “Complimentary Education for Human Development in Covid-19 Era: The Role of Digital Literacy”, she noted that though the pandemic came with its disadvantages, there is the need to explore on the positives which include the proper use of the mobile device.

“It is important that within COVID, against all odds, we continue to learn how to read and write and this could be made possible by the magic of the internet and digitalization”.

She further noted that “if you are talking about the internet, people throw their hands in the air asking questions like where am I going to get a laptop, where am I going to get a desktop. But we have cellphones that we use for WhatsApp and too many things. A cellphone is a wonderful tool”.

Madam Gifty Twum-Ampofo also advised the public to use technology to expand their businesses.

Take advantage of the internet to transform your lives - Deputy Education Minister urges public

“Everybody speaks about the disadvantages of COVID, how economies have come to a standstill and how monies have been spent but I would say that by the magic of digitalization, COVID-19 has made us understand that everything that we need to learn, everything that we need to know, some experts have placed them on one website or the other, on one block or the other where learning can take place, where trades and requests could be made and where we could actually learn reading and writing to our advantage”.

She however called on parents to provide guidance to their children on the proper use of mobile phones.

“What I want to tell parents who buy cellphones for their children is, they guard and guide them on how to use the gadgets to their advantage and their benefits to learn”.

She added: “I want to call on those who are doing TVET, this is an era where you just need a little information, you Google and all that you need to learn so far as technical and vocational education, trading and teaching is concerned, you get it and you learn”.

Take advantage of the internet to transform your lives - Deputy Education Minister urges public

The Deputy Education Minister again called on those in the small scale businesses to take advantage of the internet to enhance their finances.

“When everything is done and you want to sell your works, you put them there and get buyers and by the magic of momo, your works are paid for and through a delivery service, either a motorbike or vehicle, you deliver and so in your own corner with no shop, no classroom, no showroom but for the magic of digitalization, your wears are there, you are making money and improving your way of life”.

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