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Teachers can prepare their lesson notes from the new curriculum online to teach – Nyamah

Deputy Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Richard Nyamah, has pointed out that teachers are the center of learning in the classrooms and that they can prepare their lesson notes based on the new curriculum online even though there are no textbooks for the students in the country.

He said if as of now all the students do not have textbooks on the new curriculum in the country, they can still have their lesson notes to teach the students.

Asked what if there are internet challenges for teachers in certain parts of the country, Mr Nyamah said the government has made available WiFi service to most secondary schools in the country.

Mr Nyamah said the situation with the lack of textbooks for the new curriculum is not as dire as it is made to believe in the country. And that what is simply not available is the hard copy of the new curriculum but the soft copy is still extant on the internet.

He pointed out that at the basic level students do not have the capacity to read and understand thus it is the teachers that take them through before they learn how to read and understand.

Mr Nyamah said every child having a hard copy of the textbook does not necessarily mean it is going to improve their ability to learn better.

He said what is important for him is that the information is available on the internet and teachers are very adaptive, thus he is sure they are making good use of what they have now at their disposal.

Mr Nyamah said this in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on the New Day show Monday, September 6.

He was reacting on the back of the lack of textbooks for the new curriculum in the education sector two years after it was introduced in the country.

“The teacher is the center of the learning process so if as of now all the kids do not have copies and the teacher has access to it, he can still prepare his lesson notes and do it based on the curriculum. If he (teacher) has his pack, I am saying that he can prepare and come and teach his students”, he proffered on the New Day.

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