There Is No ‘Bad’ Money; Money Is Money – Kweku Darlington On ‘Sika Kankan’

‘Sika Kankan’, which translates to ‘smelly money’, from Kweku Darlington sparks a huge debate on social media.

Ghanaian rapper/singer, Kweku Darlington gives insight into his song on TV3’s NewDay.

According to Kweku Darlington, people should stop success-shaming people because they have not received their blessing yet. He explains how youngsters are pressured to bring money home, and when they do, they are criticised and ostracized for being successful.

“We have this perception in Ghana that when a young boy or young girl when you are able to acquire property for yourself, buy mansion or cars or something or build businesses people will think you used illegal/immoral ways to get them.

“But then people should know even in the Bible, God doesn’t have a specific time of blessing. So when we are out of school, this pressure that they give us to go and get a job or something. They should know that whenever we go outside to get a job when we are successful, it is blessings from God. There is no bad money because the money we get from the lottery, we can use that same money for our tithes and offering.

Sika Kankan featuring the Asakaa rhythm is one of the making local-drill music forms that rocked the nation a few months past. Speaking about the low patronage of the music form, Kweku Darlington shared how important it is to grasp music evolution.

“I said something the last time I came here. The Asakaa music or the drill music was a wave that bought any of us into the limelight. Now it’s up to us to do something different to stay relevant. Because I remember it came to a time this wave was in Tema, it went to Takoradi. It went to so many places.” Kweku Darlington concluded.

Ghanaian rapper/singer, Kweku Darlington without prior notice dropped another street anthem. Out of nowhere, the talented hit-maker surprises his fans and listeners with a mid-tempo song with a playful bounce titled ‘Sika Kankan’, a twi phrase which translates ‘Dirty Money’ in literal term.

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