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Tigare Pupils Stranded As Heavy Downpour Collapses School Block [Photos]

A hefty downpour has collapsed the basic school block of Sehwi Tigare, also known as Yesukrom basic school in the Bia West District of the Western North Region.

Kindergarten one to primary three pupils have been left stranded following the development, and as such are compelled to study under trees.

Some school authorities, who spoke to Adom News’ Augustine Boah, touted the non-maintenance of the school block over a period of time as the reason for its sudden collapse.

They disclosed that since the erection of the school block, no major renovation has been done, and as such, the poorly constructed building began dilapidating.

Speaking to some of the pupils, it was revealed that they faced harsh conditions studying in the classrooms; some added that rainfall is their worst nightmare.

Tigare pupils stranded as heavy downpour collapses school block

Fortunately, the pupils were absent during the latest incident of downpour which collapsed the building.

However, primary four to class six school blocks are in good shape.

The school authorities added that several calls have been made to successive governments, but nothing was done to salvage their plight until the school block collapsed.

Tigare pupils stranded as heavy downpour collapses school block

Speaking to the chief of Tigare/Yesukrom, Nana Donkor Oboadie, he disclosed that the ran-down school block which was built by the community members in 1964 has not seen any reconstruction or rehabilitation by the government.

He, therefore, appealed to the government and Non-Governmental Organisations to support them construct a new school block as parents have threatened to withdraw their children.

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