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Twi Voice-overs In Telenovelas Must Stop – Prof Mike Oquaye. Says

The rising concern about the denigration of local languages has taken center-stage once again.

This time, coming from former Speaker of Parliament, Prof Aaron Mike Oquaye.

The statesman is peeved about the way the Twi language is used as voice-overs to promote foreign content on Ghanaian televisions.

According to him, it does not augur well for the culture and leaves him worried about the way the foreign values are promoted at the expense of the locals.

“I beg our actors and scriptwriters to come out with Ghanaian films. I get sick anytime I hear Twi words or Ga words pushed through some European or Asian lips. The practice should be slopped if we should develop as a people,” he said.

He made these comments at the inaugural memorial lecture of Okyenhene Ba Dr. Jones Akwasi Amoako Alta Open-Alla at the University of Ghana.

Prof Oquaye believes the Ghanaian entertainment industry is giving too much milage to European and Asian content which leaves him wondering what may be left of the indigenous assets.

“These are the things that unmake a nation. It can never happen in Malaysia It can never happen in India. It can never happen in any of the Asian countries,” he added.

He wants producers in the film industry to make a conscious effort into developing home-grown content to accelerate the values of society.

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