We Will Make Ghana Corruption Free – PLF

The newly political party in Ghana name by People Libration Front (PLF)has outline their vision towards 2024 general election in the country. According to them, they said, they will make sure Ghana will be free from corruption.

Owura Ntim Agyako, the leader for People’s Libration Front ”PLF” a newly formed political party which intend to attain presidential power in the general elections ahead of us in 2024 has made a statement that, anyone who has steal from the public purse and those who will steal from it including himself and his officials will be jailed if Ghanaians elect him as president.

Speaking during the party’s first general meeting in collaboration with people’s Redemption Allianceat at GNAT hall  in Kumasi on Saturday, Owura Ntim Agyako explained further that, since 1981where former president Rawlings ended revolution till date, Ghanaians has not seen the benefits of our resources and if auditors report reveals miss used of public purse, Ghanaians see no penalties for such culprits and this is the time to overcome such attitudes in the nation to ensure development.

He mentioned NDC and NPP not being fair to Ghanaians as these two political parties has lead Ghana for many years without any development and such situation called for a third force party which is People’s Libration Front ”PLF” to redeem the nation from such a slavery governace.

National Chairman for the newly formed political party, Mr Collins Afriyie mentioned that, only the political leaders are enjoying our resources whiles God gave it for development of the nation but we don’t see it that way as compared to other countries.

He added to it that, the governing of the country should not be on degree holders alone but should be opened to anyone who has something good to contribute towards development of the nation irrespective of his or her educational qualifications.

He emphasized on TEVET by this current government as good initiative but still not enough so Ghanaians should turn against NDC and NPP to support People’s Libration Front ”PLF” to lead Ghana to promise land.

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