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Woman 27, Arrested For Inflicting Cutlass Wounds On Husband’s Neck At Agona Duakwa.

A 27 year old woman Mary Quaye a.k.a Obaa Yaa is in the Agona Duakwa Custody in the Agona West District of the Central Region for inflicting cutlass wounds on her husband’s neck multiple deep cuts on his left jaw,neck shoulders at Agona Duakwa in the Agona West District of the Central Region.

Reports gathered by ahenkan news indicates that, there was a misunderstanding ensued between the two couples, and husband Abraham Acquah a 30 year old man hit his wife Obaa Yaa with a piece of wood and in retaliation the wife also ponced on him with cutlass to inflict wounds on her husband’s neck with multiple deep cut on his left jaw, neck and shoulder.

The latter was rushed to Agona Duakwa Government Hospital for treatment after Police issued police medical report to the victim.

According to police, upon receiving the news went to arrest and detained Obaa Yaa to and assist police with investigations.

Source: ahenakanfmonline

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